Welcome to General Counsel Strategies

General Counsel Strategies offers coaching services for general counsels and chief compliance officers. If you are a sitting or aspiring general counsel or chief compliance officer, Rich Gorelick has the experience and knowledge to help you maximize your performance and that of your organization.

Let’s face it, your job is a tough one. There are things that you need to discuss with someone who has been there and done that. There are also are things that you want to test and to challenge, even to feel vulnerable about – things that are best worked on with a coach and not with the CEO or head of human resources. And that’s where General Counsel strategies comes in.

We’re not a law firm. We’re not a recruiting firm. We’re not temporary counsel. All we do is help coach and assess, so that you can put your best foot forward and do the best job that you can with the resources that you have.

about rich gorelick

Rich is a seasoned corporate executive with experience in Compliance, Communications, Corporate Governance, Crisis Management, Human Resources, Leading and Managing Corporate Law Departments along with Risk Management. During his tenure, Rich has coached, mentored and promoted numerous lawyers and other successful executives.


“My tenure in a variety of responsibilities at a dynamic, highly regulated public company has provided me with the knowledge to help you craft practical, cost-effective solutions. I have in-depth experience in a wide variety of matters that I can draw upon to help you improve your department’s, your company’s and your personal performance.”

Rich Gorelick, President